Planning For Project Types

Dear All,

Currently I'm doing Project content type for the website.
This will include the following.

  1. Project Title
  2. Project Description
  3. Project Type (Translation, Localization, Font Creation, etc..)
  4. Team Members
  5. Project Detail
  6. Download (Sources, Fonts, Software etc)

All the Contributors can create their own Projects.

Please add more suggestions for this.

Thank you.



Project License

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Hey, I think it's a good idea to add "Project License", too. So many Myanmar projects don't have a license, which means it is difficult to use the source code or distribute the binary.


You can add an option like "Unknown" for people who don't want to specify a license. 

Good Advice

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Yes, bro, Project License is a good point to add on. 
I noted in my to do list for our Project Content type. 
So I may need to look for the numbers of Licence types to create a Drop down List.
Or just make a plain text box, that the project owner can easily add more than one license type.
How is your idea?
Thanks for your suggestion.

Hmm.... probably a drop-down

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Hmm.... probably a drop-down list is best. But you can have two options, "Other" (type in the license they want) and "Unknown" (for projects that don't care about licenses).

Good Idea

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Your advice is good bro.

So we should provide a Drop down list that can select the license types easily. Moreover, a blank text box also should be provided that the project owner can add any other license type they want to add.

I feel this is more flexible way. Some projects may have more than one license type.

Sure, this makes

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Sure, this makes sense. 

Yeah, a way to enter multiple licenses is smart. Some projects have multiple licenses.