Unicode 5.2 Complaint Myanmar (Burmese) Typewriter based Keyboard

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This is keyman keyboard script that is another edited version of Ko Sun Tun's Myanmar3 Keyboard.

As its name, it is based on old Burmese Typewriter. Additionally many of end-user input mistakes are aimed to be fixed in this keyboard. Some bugs may be left to fix. But this is long time ago project of mine and I almost forget how to code it. I just managed to modify the script so that it is compliant with Unicode 5.2. Now I make it public and you gurus may fix it. :P

For Download and more detail information, please go to http://code.google.com/p/unicodetypewriter/

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There, you will find following:

Manual: Unicode Typewriter Based Keyboard Readme.pdf

Documentation: Unicode Typewriter Keyboard_JCSSE.pdf

Source Script: MMNLP_UnicodeTypewriterKeyboard.kmn

Windows Keyboard file: MMNLP_UnicodeTypewriterKeyboard.kmx

Ubuntu (I just only tested on Ubuntu 10.04 lucid): MMNLP_UnicodeTypewriterKeyboard.kmn (source script)



Actually I want to add some pictures in project detail and upload files.

I hope those features will be available soon.

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File Attachment OK

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Hi bro,

File attachment issue is solved already. Maximum upload size is limited to 1 MB by web hosting.
So if you have some large files, I may need to consider a different way. I'm thinking how to integrate Google Docs to this website to easily upload and host some large files.
For the direct image uploading, I have some issues to solve. If you don't mind, you can upload to a free image host like imageshack or flickr and can embed the link. I'm trying to solve this issue.

Sorry for all inconvenience causes. Hopefully they can be solve very soon. cheeky

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Hello bro,


I cannot attach .zip file type.

.zip , .rar and other formats are still need permission to be uploaded.



Hi bro, I added .zip .rar

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Hi bro,

I added .zip .rar and .7z types.

Moreover I upgraded total maximum upload size for Contributors to 50 MB, and 10MB per files.
(It is the maximum permission from the hosting).



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That Great Bro,


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Hello Bro,

The image upload OK already. 
Happy writing. yes

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Thank you very much. This is

Thank you very much.
This is really necessary. I am still a noob in this field.

What do we need to do to continue to build windows native input system like Zawgyi keyboard and

input system for Mac?