Myanmar Fonts which follow Unicode rules

Myanmar Fonts which follow Unicode rules

Name Windows Mac Linux License Link Credits
Pyidaungsu yes yes yes OFL Myanmar Census MCF NLP
Myanmar3 yes yes yes LGPL, CC3.0 Myanmar NLP
Masterpiece Uni Sans no yes yes GNU/Linux, OFL Tin Myo Htet, Ngwe Tun, Sun Tun
Parabaik yes no yes GNU/Linux, OFL Ngwe Tun, Solveware Solution
Padauk yes no yes OFL Martin Hosken, SIL
Thanlwin yes no yes OFL Keith Stribley, Thanlwinsoft
WinuniInnwa yes no yes Free/Copyrighted Win Myanmar
Xenotype no yes no Commercial/Copyrighted XenoTypeTech
MyMyanmar yes yes yes Free/Copyrighted MyMyanmar
Yunghkio yes no yes OFL Yunghkio Saiddzone
Panglong yes no yes GNU Lesser GPL Panglong Sit and Read
Tharlon yes yes yes OFL Tharlon Saiddzone, Ngwe Tun, Sun Tun


See also which fonts are not Unicode.

Myanmar Unicode Font Faces Comparism (30 px on actual image size)



Fontfamily - myanmar3

Version - 3.0 (As of 18 March 2008)(Latest update on 27 June 2010) #Note: Need to set a default version system

Note: Myanmar3 MultiOS (OSX, Windows and Linux) version is available here.

Win Innwa 5

Font family - win uni innwa

Version - 5.0

#Note: Nearly the same font face as Myanmar3 and bigger glyphs.


Masterpiece Uni Sans

Font family - masterpiece uni sans

Version - 0.5 Apr 2008 #Note: Need to set a default version system

Masterpiece Sample


Font family - parabaik/parabaiksans

Version - 0.9


Parabaik Sample


Font family - padauk

Version - 2.6.1

Known Issue - In a mixture of English and Myanmar texts in Firefox in Windows 7, English texts may lose kerning and combine together rendering unreadable. Update:11June2011# Padauk font English glyphs will have same bug on Firefox 4+ on any version of Windows. Update:13 July 2016# It's not font issue, rather Firefox turning the Graphite features off (which Graphite is a rendering engine installed in the font itself). Here is how to fix it (You can find the solution at the end of the page).

Padauk Sample


Font family - thanlwin

Version - 0.0001

Thanlwin Sample


Font family - xenotype mm new mandalei/xenotype mm new nyaungshwe

Version - 2.000

Known Issue - Rendering bugs on some character stacks and vowel "u".

Xenotype Sample


Font family - mymyanmar

Version - 9.005

Known Issue - Rendering bugs on some character stacks. Same rendering issue on English and Myanmar texts mixture as Padauk. Rendering issues on some character stacks, Ha-htoe+Wa-swe and vowel "u" on OSX.

MyMyanmar Sample



Font Family - Yunghkio

Version - 1.1.1

Known Issue - Rendering bug on ဍ္ဎ character stack. Note: Fixed.



Font Family - Panglong

Version - 2011feb7

Note: Haven't tested fully.



Are they are 100%

Are they are 100% interchangeable ? Any compatibility  issues ?

By right, they are supposed to be interchangeable regardless of input method.

Could you also mention the versions if there are any?


Lionslayer's picture

I will update the details later including:

1) the image previews of the fonts

2) latest version no.

3) scripts and technologies used in rendering

4) known issues

5) support of ethnic characters


And of course, they are fully interchangeable. Myanmar Wikipedia was CSSed with all these font faces.

Hey all,     Someone posted

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Hey all,

    Someone posted on FB an explanation of other fonts (like Zawgyi & Ayar) that are not Unicode-compliant.

    Maybe we should have another table, which lists other fonts & reasons why they are not Unicode-compliant?

    I think some people will wonder about this.


Non-unicode and KBs

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I will work on it 2nite. Having various keyboard methods and not having easy-to-understand keyboard layout images confused the users too. I will draw them & post here.


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I guess I should add xenotype to the list since I tested last night.

Done :-)

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Finished the fixed


Hi, MyMyanmar supports AAT and works fine on mac.

MyMyanmar on OSX

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Hi Ko TTKZ, I tested it on OSX 10.6.4 with mymyanmar universal file. If u got working mymyanmar, plz kindly mention it's version, file name, OS name and screenshot. Thanks. (Test preview)


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You were right. I updated on post.

Masterpiece Uni Sans

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Masterpiece Uni Sans is GNU/Linux but I couldn't find source code. if masterpiece have detail tech support for developer, I can make iOS support unicode font. But there is no source and info. Can I know license detail of GNU/Linux ? I couldn't find source code and issue or report repo. Now, it look like free/copyright license not like GNU/Linux. 



If somebody will add AAT rule for iOS , I will send font. Yesterday night, I tried but AAT rule was gone. So, I can't replace iOS native font.

Regarding to the credits

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Hi bro,
You should check with Ko Tin Myo Htet, Ko Ngwe Tun and Ko Sun Tun.
Regarding to the Credits in the table, they may have more license information.

Masterpiece Uni Sans

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Of course. It's released under GPL for both mymr-pangomod and Masterpiece Uni Sans. But License for Masterpiece Uni Sans has been changed to OFL 1.1 since version 0.7. In version 0.8, added support for Sgaw Karen and Mac OS X but only beta version of Mac font was released. Source code for version 0.8 hasn't been released yet :)

There're some works in progress for iOS here.


Yunghkio Unicode System

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@ Lionslayer,

Amazing... There's an Unicode Font which also support Shan released since 2009. I think it's the font with most coverage for Myanmar Unicode, 138 out of 160, among the available fonts. Developer name is mentioned as Sai Zin Di Di Zone but License information is not available. Please update the font list. Thanks.

Web site :

Download Link :



Yunghkio update

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Sure, I will update. The thing is that the font lacks license. So I sent a mail to developer 2 months ago and still waiting for it.

MyMyanmar and XenoType Font is deceptive commercial products

Can you put XenoType and MyMyanmar in non-Unicode Standards.

Unicode (UTN-11) defines ဍ္ဎ = ဍ + Virama + ဎ But, MyMyanmar and XenoType do not follow that encoding sequence. Will you accept 1% incorrect?


Rationale: MyMyanmar stores differently as

Should consider as a bug

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We should consider it as a bug !!!

Yunghkio also doesn't include combine ligature of U100D and U100E, only have stacked form of U100E :)

Are you sure Myanmar3 also 100% bug free, may be 2% :P

MyMyanmar and XenoType as is commercial product.

Hi bro. It is either bug or deceptive commercial product.

Yunghkio has the glyph about combining ligature of U100D and U100E as A_DDHA_DDA as same with Parabaik.

I can say Myanmar3, Parabaik and Yunghkio has 100% bug free except personal preference and/or not implementing. We do not make wrong sequence (encoding) to change certain ligature.

Yunghkio Font

Yunghkio (ယွန်းချို / ယုင်းၶဵဝ်) fonts is already removed that bugs and the latest information about the Yunghkio fonts can be viewed at